We are currently making the step to going compostable for all of our takeaway packaging.

Compostable packaging is manufactured from renewable plant-based materials which have been certified to compost within an industrial composting process along with food and garden waste.

The idea behind compostable packaging is for it to be disposed of along with food waste so it can be composted into fertiliser or soil improvers for use with future crops.  It needs to go through a commercial composting process, usually a minimum of 12 weeks.

Not everywhere has the capabilities for an industrial composting process as yet.  If this is the case the packaging will be treated in the same way as standard packaging.  If it does go to landfill it will compost down quicker than standard packaging and won’t leave behind harmful residue.

The UK is currently increasing the infrastructure needed for compostable packaging enabling it to be widely disposed of with food waste which is the ideal solution.  Consumers do not need to worry about food contaminating the recycling process.

In addition to going compostable, we are selling Braco Coffee reusable cups and bottles by Frank Green.  These slick and durable vessels are not just pleasing to the eye but practical.  The one-handed click and drink design is easy to use and easy to wash.  Have your coffee made by one of our Baristas in your own coffee cup and receive a discount of 20 pence per drink.